MT 752 Authorisation to Pay, Accept or Negotiate

[Scope] [Network Validated Rules] [Format]

Message User Group:No
Max. Length:2000

Network Validated Rules
C02The currency code must be the same for all occurrences of indicated fields in the entire message.
C18If fields 32B and 71B are present, field 33 must be present.
E76Currency not allowed after cutover date

StatusTagField NameContent/OptionsNo.
M20Documentary Credit Number16x1
M21Presenting Bank's Reference16x2
M23Further Identification16x3
M30Date of Advice of Discrepancy or Mailing6!n4
O32BTotal Amount Advised3!a15d5
O71BCharges Deducted6*35x6
O33aNet AmountA or B7
O53aSender's CorrespondentA, B or D8
O54aReceiver's CorrespondentA, B or D9
O72Sender to Receiver Information6*35x10